Why You Need to Swap Out Your Shower Curtain for a Beautiful Glass Door

Glass Shower Door Replacement in Northern Virginia

Our showers are some of the most intimate, personal spaces in our homes that we rely on every day. Having the perfectly designed shower and bathroom can do a lot for our family’s and our guests’ comfort. Many homes in Northern Virginia have the standard set-up: a shower or shower-bathtub combo with a shower curtain. One easy way to give your shower a much-needed face lift is to trade the curtain for a shower door enclosure.

Shower curtains are not without their benefits. Often made of vinyl, shower curtains come in a wide variety of color and designs, and can add the perfect accent to pull your entire bathroom together. They help keep water in and away from your floor. And, of course, they give you privacy while in the shower. They are also very easy and cheap to replace when they age.

Glass Shower Doors Add a Sense of Luxury

Shower doors, on the other hand, add a sense of luxury to your bathroom that’s hard to capture with a simple curtain. The glass of a shower door can brighten up the entire bathroom and make the space feel so much more inviting. If you’re going for a modern design in your bathroom or home, the sleek, crisp appearance of shower doors might be what you’re looking for. Shower doors can even be created using opaque glass to maintain your sense of privacy, just like a shower curtain.

Shower doors also have increased functionality over shower curtains. Shower doors can keep significantly more water inside the shower than a standard shower curtain, better sparing your floor tiles from possible water damage. Shower doors are far more durable than shower curtains. Curtains need to be scrubbed often to get rid of mildew, and should be replaced routinely to best ensure their functionality and your health. Glass doors are much easier to clean and don’t need to be replaced unless damaged.

Glass Shower Door Installation in Northern Virginia

Vienna Aluminum offers a wide variety of door types and glass designs, leaving you with plenty of options for designing the perfect shower door enclosure for your bathroom. Each type of door enclosure has its own unique look and functionality. Vienna Aluminum offers the following door options:

  • Bypass or Sliding Shower Doors: This door opens by sliding two or three glass panels past each other on a track. Their design is simple but gorgeous, and they take up less space than other shower door types.
  • Round Shower Doors: This unique shower door type curves outwards but open inwards to give you more space inside the shower. Paired with the right glass type, these doors can really contribute to your bathroom’s design.
  • Pivot Doors: If you have a smaller shower, consider pivot doors. These shower doors often feature one or two fixed panels, with another panel that swings outward to open. These doors are perfect if your shower cannot accommodate a bypass door.
  • Neo-Angle Doors: Another great choice for smaller showers, pivot doors open outward and still give you plenty of space in the shower. They are an excellent addition for showers with unique shapes, such as corner showers.

Vienna Aluminum can design the above door types with the following glass options:

  • Clear Glass: A simple, classic design, clear glass is fully transparent and can do a lot to brighten up your bathroom.
  • Rain Glass: This glass is created with a texture pattern on one side of the glass, creating a unique design that looks like falling rain.
  • Mist Glass: This glass is more opaque than other options, and is a good choice if you want a beautiful shower but more privacy.
  • Crepe or Bubble Glass: This glass features a simple etched pattern like bubbles or circles and has a semi-opaque appearance.

For all-around improved aesthetic and functionality, shower door enclosures are the way to go. Swap out your shower curtain for a glass shower door to transform your bathroom into a beautiful, inviting oasis!

Vienna Aluminum has been installing, repairing, and replacing shower doors in Northern Virginia since 1975, and we have experience with all enclosure styles and glass designs. Our dedication to customer service and quality work is what sets us apart in Northern Virginia. Contact us at (703) 348-4577 today!

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