Signs Your Home’s Insulated Glass Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Insulated glass, also known as double-pane glass, has become home owners’ standard glass of choice for windows and sliding glass doors due to their many benefits. As the name implies, insulated or double-pane glass units consist of two sheets of glass, instead of one, with a metal strip between services two and three (the inside) of the unit.

Insulated glass products offer a wide range of performance enhancement levels, as well as aesthetic options. Many combinations can be manufactured giving performance which highlights solar control, light transmission, noise control, or fading control. Windows play a significant role in your home’s energy efficiency. Windows containing insulated glass can significantly cut down on the energy consumption within your home, which in turn reduces your monthly utilities bills – something everyone can appreciate!

Aside from creating impressive financial savings, insulated glass units in windows and doors can keep you and your family comfortable at home. New or window frame(s) in good condition, along with an insulated glass unit, can prevent drafts and keep weather outside. Additionally, insulated glass units using LowE, Argon, or other gasses, can prevent sun, heat or cold transmission. Insulated windows are also more sound resistant than regular glass, which can come in handy in Northern Virginia, where many homes are located near busy and loud streets and highways.

Insulated or double-pane windows are designed to last for a long time, but their functionality can decline with age or if the insulated glass unit’s seal starts to fail.

Condensation & Fog

One of the biggest red flags that you need to replace or have your insulated glass unit repaired is if you notice condensation between its glass panes. At first glance, the condensation may appear on the outside of the glass, but after further inspection, you will notice the condensation is within the glass unit. This is usually easiest to spot when sunlight shines through the window.

Other indicators that your insulated glass unit’s seal has been compromised will vary based on its stage in the deterioration process. If the seal has just started to deteriorate, the glass will appear to have a mist between the panes. As the process continues, the condensation between the two panes of glass will dry and begin to crystallize, causing the unit to appear “cloudy.” The longer the unit goes without repair or replacement, the cloudier it becomes and crystals will begin to form within the unit.

Insulated glass is designed to avoid this, so why is it happening? If your insulated seal has failed due to age or because of a crack on one of your window panes, it prevents the insulated glass from doing its job and can wrack up a higher energy bill.

High Energy Bill

As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits for using insulated glass units in your home is their ability to keep your energy bills low. However, you lose this benefit with insulated glass units in poor condition. While condensation or fog is a sure sign that the insulated glass unit’s seal has failed, depending on time of day, or the angle in which sunlight hits the window or door containing the glass, you may not notice these indicators as easily. Therefore, you may not even be aware that your glass needs to be repaired or replaced until you’re hit with a high energy bill. Keep an eye on your home’s energy usage, and if your bill suddenly spikes without a logical reason, have your insulated glass windows and doors inspected.

We Offer Insulated Glass Repair in Northern Virginia

If the insulated glass in your home isn’t functioning properly, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Vienna Aluminum experts conduct thorough inspections and analysis of the issues surrounding the insulated glass units in your windows or doors. We then use the outcomes of our analysis to determine the best possible solution(s) to solving your problem, whether the solution(s) includes options for repairs or replacing your insulated glass unit. Our customers have the option to choose the solution that works best for them based on the information and expert analysis we provide.

Whether we determine a simple repair or full replacement is best option for your windows or doors, Vienna Aluminum can get the job done. We have been installing, repairing, and replacing insulated glass in Northern Virginia since 1975. If your insulated glass windows or doors aren’t doing their job, contact us today at (703) 348-4577!

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