February 24, 2017

Shower Door Enclosure Repair and Replacement

Shower Door Enclosures Improve Your Bathroom

Many homeowners can appreciate the benefits of interior design. You want to live in a beautiful home, with every room decorated according to your imagination, including the bathroom. One easy way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom is to add a glass shower door enclosure. Your shower is one of the most important and intimate parts of your bathroom. You want to feel comfortable when showering, and shower doors, with their sleek and customizable designs, can add both comfort and luxury.

Shower door enclosures add to the aesthetics of your bathroom, but also have other functional benefits over a regular shower curtain. Shower door enclosures keep the water in your shower where it belongs better than a curtain, preventing spills and sparing your tile floor from future water damage. Shower doors also require less upkeep and cleaning, while many shower curtains need routine scrubbing to prevent the buildup of mildew. Shower doors, made of safety tempered or laminated glass, are guaranteed to last much longer than curtains, saving you money in the future.

Whether you favor the aesthetics of shower doors or their functionality, Vienna Aluminum can assist you with installment, repair, and replacement shower door enclosure services.

The Vienna Aluminum Shower Door Enclosure Difference

At Vienna Aluminum, we can help you spruce up your bathroom by offering quality shower door enclosure installation, repair, and replacement. If your current shower doors are cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, other companies might insist that a full replacement is what you need. They value full door replacement as a more expensive and labor-intensive fix, encouraging them to downplay the more cost-efficient and smarter repair of replacing ONLY the damaged section of the shower door. At Vienna Aluminum, we believe that our shower door repair abilities give customers an affordable option to restore the appearance and functionality of their shower doors without pushing for the expensive alternative of a full shower door replacement. We will still complete a full replacement if that is the best option and what the client prefers.

Shower Door Enclosure Options

Shower doors are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and designs, giving you a lot of options to consider for your bathroom.

Shower Types

Something to consider when choosing your shower door style is to know which styles work best with your type of shower. The three most common shower types are bathtub showers, alcove stand-alone showers, and corner stand-alone showers.

Bypass/Sliding Shower Doors

This style features two or three panels that slide past one another on a track. These can brighten up your shower and have the added benefit of taking up less space than other shower door designs. These are mostly best for alcove and corner stand-alone showers, but can be installed in certain bathtub showers.

Round Shower Doors

These doors open inward, and their curved design give you more room in the shower. This style gives a unique look to your shower and adds to your bathroom’s aesthetic. Round doors are ideal for alcove and corner stand-alone showers.

Pivot Doors

The pivot door style features doors that open outward from one side, and are often used for smaller showers that cannot fit bypass doors. These are a great option to show off your shower’s beautiful design in a smaller space. Pivot doors work best for alcove and corner stand-alone showers.

Neo-Angle Doors

These doors are perfect for angled shower enclosures. Like bypass doors, these take up little space, making them ideal for decorating a smaller bathroom. The neo-angle door style works best for alcove and corner stand-alone showers.

Glass Options

Clear Glass

This glass type acts just like a regular window and allows for a full view inside and out of your shower.

Rain Glass

This glass type features a vertical texture pattern on one side, creating a design that looks like falling rain to add ambiance to your shower.

Mist Glass

Designed with more opacity, this glass type slightly obscures the view of your shower, providing shower users with a bit more privacy.

Crepe or Bubble Glass

This glass type is slightly more opaque and features a simple pattern etched into the glass like small bubbles or circles.


Trust Vienna Aluminum

Vienna Aluminum has been installing, repairing, and replacing shower doors since 1975. We have experience with all shower types, glass designs, and enclosure styles. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you and find the right style and glass to decorate your shower. Contact one of our trained experts to set up your free consultation at (703) 348-4577.

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