January 23, 2017

Screen Repair & Replacement

Screen Repair

A damaged or torn window, door, or patio screen can cause major problems for property owners. When opening a window or door to let in a cool breeze or some fresh air, a screen acts as a protectant from uninvited pests and insects. A screen with a hole or tear in it is almost as bad as having no screen at all.

Repairing a torn window, door, or patio screen is not always easy. You may be tempted to try to repair the damaged screens yourself, but this is not always the most cost effective option. Do-it-yourself screen repair can end up creating additional stress and needed repair. Trust the experts at Vienna Aluminum to restore your damaged window, door, and patio screens. Our team of trained specialist will complete your screen repair on time and on budget.

Window and Door Screen Repair

Window and door screens allow homeowners to open their windows and doors without being bombarded by unwanted pests, insects, and debris from the outside environment. At Vienna Aluminum, we provide quality widow and door screen repair that allows homeowners to enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors from the comfort of their own home.

Screened in Porch Repair

A screened in porch adds value to your home and provides a space to entertain, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. When a screen is damaged, your porch is no longer safe from the elements outside. Pests, insects, and debris can penetrate your living space and cause unwanted damage.

Vienna Aluminum specializes in screened in patio repair. Our team of trained screen installation technicians take the time to analyze the most efficient and cost efficient repair options. Contact us today to get started.

Specialty Shaped Screen Repair

Every window, door, and patio screen is unique. At Vienna Aluminum, we can repair and replace screens of all shapes and sizes. No matter how custom the screen, Vienna Aluminum can get the job done. Since 1975 we have helped residential, and commercial property owners repair and replace damaged window, door, and patio screens to return their homes and buildings back to their original condition.



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