January 16, 2017

Window Repair & Replacement

Broken Glass

Broken glass can cause unnecessary stress in your life. At Vienna Aluminum, we strive to alleviate this stress by providing 24/7 service and unrivaled expertise. Our technicians use the industries best practices to ensure that your replacement glass matches the glass in your original window. We also utilize our relationships with numerous manufactures in the glass and replacement parts industry to ensure that your glass repairs are completed on time, and on budget. We have served the DC Metropolitan area since our company was founded in 1975, and customers continue to trust in our professional opinion and skill.

Broken glass in your window can affect the aesthetic, energy efficiency, and safety of your home or building. When window glass is broken, it needs to be repaired quickly to safeguard your property from the outside elements and prevent further damage. Broken glass in a window doesn’t always require a full window replacement. Often, the least expensive and most efficient repair option is to replace only the broken section of glass in your damaged window.

The Vienna Aluminum Window Repair Difference

When a window is damaged most window and glass companies will recommend a full window replacement. This is valued as a more expensive and labor-intensive fix, encouraging them to downplay the more cost-efficient and smarter repair of replacing ONLY the damaged section of the window. At Vienna Aluminum, we believe that our window repair abilities give customers an affordable option to restore their window’s appearance and functionality without pushing for the expensive alternative of a full window replacement. We will still complete a full window replacement if that is the best option and what the client prefers.

Window Replacement

Window replacement can improve your home’s overall appearance and energy efficiency. New windows provide better insulation and overall ambiance. Property owners also enjoy the benefit of low recurring heating and cooling costs. Vienna Aluminum provides a wide variety of home window options. Our team of experienced technicians will assist you in picking out the right window for your home or office.

Window Repair and Replacement

Whether your window is made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood, and is single hung, double hung, fixed or sliders, over time all windows are subject to maintenance repairs and unexpected damage. A window that has a cracked pane, will not properly open and close, or has a damaged weather-strip or lock can be unattractive and can introduce real safety, and security concerns to your home or office. At Vienna Aluminum, we pride ourselves on our professional skill and ability to provide our customers with multiple repair and replacement options. Learn more about our window repair and replacement options below.

Window Repair and Replacement Options

Insulated Windows

Insulated Glass uses two or more pieces of glass to reduce the amount of heat gain or loss. This improves your home or office’s energy efficiency and reduces the amount of noise pollution. Seal failure incurred to double pane or insulated glass windows can cause condensation buildup between panes and affects your window’s transparency and energy efficiency. Once the seal has failed, the insulated glass window can play a significant role in higher energy costs due to incoming cold air in the winter months as well as incoming hot air in the summer months.

Even small cracks on your double pane windows can cause foggy panes and can become a huge detractor from the overall aesthetic of your property. Our experienced technicians will replace only the damaged glass when repairing your window. This will improve the quality of your home or office and will keep the window repair price down.

Energy Efficient Windows

We are proud of our experience with energy-effective glass features. Consider options with LOW-E coating, which features a low-emission protectant on the glass that can reduce the amount of energy lost through the glass. In addition, glass options with Argon gas in the panes can be used to increase the window’s ability to insulate your home.

Specialty Glass Windows

Vienna Aluminum has experience with all glass types. Since 1975 we have been assisting home owners and building managers with specialty glass repairs including solar ban 70XL, garage doors, shower doors, glass tables, frosted glass, mirrored glass, and more. Our glass technicians will help to pick out a glass that compliments your home and improves overall design. Trust in our time-tested experience to meet your specialty glass needs and repair your specialty glass windows today.

Specialty Glass Options

– Aquatex                  – Textured Flutex          – Winter Lake

– Reeded                   – Cotswold                      – Ribbed

– Mirror Plane         – Rain                               – Flashed Opal

– Pinsmatic              – Acid Etched                  – Obscure

– Pattern 62

Vienna Aluminum

At Vienna Aluminum, we provide transparent service and unrivaled expertise. We have been in business since 1975 and customers trust in our professional opinion and time tested skill. Contact one of our trained experts to set up your free consultation.



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