Glass Aesthetics – Tips from Your Northern Virginia Insulated Glass Company

Homes come in many different styles and designs both on their exterior and interior. Similarly, insulated and single glass panel units can be manufactured in a variety of styles and designs. When replacing the glass in the windows or doors within your home (see Signs Your Home’s Insulated Glass Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced), take into consideration not only glass performance, but also how the glass can complement the overall aesthetic of your home.



One of the most common design customizations made to insulated glass units is the addition of grids. Grids are the horizontal and vertical bars included between the panels of your insulated glass unit and can come in a variety of horizontal/vertical combinations, materials, styles, and colors.

Grid patterns are typically defined by the number of horizontal lines (H) and the number of vertical lines (V). For example, an insulated glass unit with 9 symmetrical lights (the sections of glass made by the grids) would be defined as “2H2V.” Grids are also defined by color (i.e. white, black, bronze, and gray), which can be the same or differ on either side of the grid, and the style of the grid bar (i.e. classic, flat, round, or contoured).

Benefits to including grids in your insulated glass unit go beyond aesthetics. Including the grids within you insulted glass unit, instead of on the exterior as a part of your window frame, will make it easier to clean the glass.


Glass Tinting

Adding a tint to the insulated or single glass panels can reduce the amount of direct sunlight and heat transmitted through windows and glass doors, and can also add to the overall design of your home’s interior and exterior.

Glass tint comes in many different styles, including (but not limited to): frosted gluechip, gray mirrorpane, pacifica, solar blue, natural, bronze, reflective, and satin. Glass tint levels are measured in Visual Light Transmission (VLT) percentages; that is, how much light will be passed through the glass based on the transparency of the tint. It is important to note that not all tint will work for every glass type. Certain glass tints will reduce the performance of your insulated glass unit and could potentially result in damaging its seal or the glass itself. When you need Northern Virginia glass installation, consult professionals, like those at Vienna Aluminum, Inc. Glass and Screens when considering purchasing or adding tint to the glass in your home.


Single Glass Panel and Mirror Etching

Etching a design or text on single panel or mirror glass can add a personal touch to the design of your home. There are a variety of ways to etch glass and some glass manufacturers may require that customers provide designs or images in a specific file format. Glass professionals, like those at Vienna Aluminum, Inc. Glass and Screens, will provide recommendations on the type of etching (i.e. laser, sand, acid) and requirements around what manufactures need to perform the etching process on your custom glass.

Interior and exterior design defines the character of our home and can reflect your personality and personal style. When designing your home, take into consideration how customizations to your home’s windows and glass doors can add to or complement your home’s overall aesthetic.


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